Bogan beer & lazy people

IMG_20170329_160457512.jpgLatest beer labels have a new approach. First out was the Zone Du Bois Ale, for the lazy people in ZDB.

Tribute to the Bogan Culture in Australia. Boguns are more than just car interested people who like to drink. Boguns embrace the simple but important things in Life, joy, friendship and good beer. This thick and tasty porter with 8.5% ABV and plenty of malt and roasted sorghum is the tribute to the bogan Culture.

The heavy porter was followed by the malty IPA “Make beer not cars”. The IPA is brewed with pilsner, caramell and caramunich malt and lower amount of hops that previous beers. Thetext written in chinese is a message to all lazy car drivers and car manufacturers around the World. Stop polluting our World, make something nice, make beer!


Welcome to the beer family!


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