Bogan beer & lazy people

IMG_20170329_160457512.jpgLatest beer labels have a new approach. First out was the Zone Du Bois Ale, for the lazy people in ZDB.

Tribute to the Bogan Culture in Australia. Boguns are more than just car interested people who like to drink. Boguns embrace the simple but important things in Life, joy, friendship and good beer. This thick and tasty porter with 8.5% ABV and plenty of malt and roasted sorghum is the tribute to the bogan Culture.

The heavy porter was followed by the malty IPA “Make beer not cars”. The IPA is brewed with pilsner, caramell and caramunich malt and lower amount of hops that previous beers. Thetext written in chinese is a message to all lazy car drivers and car manufacturers around the World. Stop polluting our World, make something nice, make beer!


Welcome to the beer family!


Release of new beers

This week two new beers are released.

Water of Volta 2, IPA, 6.7 % ABV , 70 IBU

A hopped IPA with barley malt and corn. Fermented two weeks and then 4 weeks on bottle.


Black Dolo and Water of Volta 2, craft beer in Ouagadougou

Black Dolo, Porter, 4.5 % ABV


More than 90 % sorghum and with molass to make the color darker. Barley malt and some hops. The closest you get a dolo but still defined as a beer.

BAO arranged beer bar in Ouagadougou

IMG_2670Jonathan Gharbi from BAO and Erik Sjölund who is working with Spike Brewing (Sweden)

The Swedish embassy had two film screenings in Ouagadougou and BAO arranged a beer bar to serve the guests beer from all over the world. The first event was 2 March with about 75 guests and the movie “Medan vi lever” and the second with about 90 guests and the movie “Ouagagirls”.



The bar was decorated as a beach bar, the back drop shows a tap room with 95 beers on tap.

Encouraging curiosity for beer

It´s very popular with craft beer in Sweden and the purpose was to offer the customers a wide menu of beers to learn more about beer and different styles. About 30 different beers were served from all over the world. For example Belgian chimay and leffe, lager beers from Lebanon, Russia, France and many Togolese and Ghananian beers. There were no local lagers so all guests had to try something new which was very appreciated.

The beer revolution around the world is booming more in some countries. Sweden is one of them and new craft breweries are opening every year. Most of them with small capacity but with a wide range of beers. Erik who is working with Spike brewery at beer events did also bring a few liters of IPA from Spike. Spike is located in Swedens beer capital; Gothenburg.



We are just ready to serve our first line of beers and the first bottles have been tasted. Many double IPAs and a saison. We have a few experiments with both white and red sorghum which is typical for Burkina Faso. The next line of beer will all include sorghum. There will also be a porter made from well roasted white sorghum and molasses from sugar cane production south of Banfora.

New beers for February

Soon it´s ready to drink.. It needs another few days of maturing. The 3.5 % session ale is a malty IPA with lots of wheat and some corn. Cascade and centennial hops gives a aroma of citrus and peach.  Also our experimental beer brewed with 80 % sorghum and 20 % barley malt is ready in a few weeks. A beer needs about two weeks to ferment and then at least two weeks on bottle to create the bubbles and mature. Both bers will be able to drink at restaurant L´Annexe a Ouagadougou in Zone Du Bois.

Beer in Burkina Faso

People are drinking beer everywhere in Burkina Faso. There are a handfull of lagers produced by Brakina, owned by the Castel Group.

International styled lagers

Brakina probably the most popular brand in Burkina Faso.



Imported ales and stouts

Mainly Belgian beers like Chimay and Leffe can be found at a few places in Ouagadougou. There are also a number of imported lager beer.




Local brew Dolo is a fast fermented alcoholic beverage without hops. But brewed with sorghum, fermented with yeast and then served directly after 1-2 days of fermentation without any botteling or process to give the beer some bubbles.