Imported beers

There are many interesting beers in West Africa and a few of them are really outstanding. We work together with a importer who brings us beers from Togo, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. We are now searching for someone who can get us craft beer from South Africa which has more than 200 craft breweries.

If you are interested to arrange a beer tasting at home or just buy a few crates of interesting beers, let us know. We will help you arrange it.

There are locally brewed beers , Imported beers and craft beers in Burkina Faso. The selection of imported beers is not too bad but mainly it´s just one category of beer: lagers.

Imported beers from the region


AWOOYO – brown ale from Togo


CASTLE MILK STOUT – stout from Ghana


STAR lager from Ghana

The most exciting beer right now is Awooyo which is a 6.2 % brown ale from Togo, typical English Brown Ale with nutty notes but not too far away from a lager.  Castle Milk Stout (6%) is also a good beer with a more round and smooth feeling than other stouts. Star and Club is a popular and crisp lager from Ghana worth to try. We do also have Bock lager from Ivory Coast.

West african beers

Club – Star – Awooyo – Castle Milk Stout – Bock

Beers from Belgium and Europe

Ale, IPA in Burkina Faso

Chimay and Leffe, classical Belgian beers available in Ouagadogou

There are a few super markets in Ouagadougou where you can find these beers for quite a good price. Or enjoy them at restaurant L´Annexe a Ouagadougou which has the best beer supply in Burkina Faso.