The brewing process

If you just want to understand, learn or maybe start brewing we are happy to help you. We will soon start with brew sessions for interested people and we will also publish a guide on our page so you can follow our process and how beer is made. We are small scale home brewers, making a few batches of 10-25 liter a few times every month. It´s a lot of work and waiting, but well worth it.


Hygien and replication

In order to make the same beer many times we are using good standards. The water we use is from the company Aquaterra in Ouagadougou. They provide us with a clean bottled water with healthy levels of minerals. Some minerals stimulate the beer while others might add some taste. Brewing a Czech pilsner in the town of Pilsen or with the water in Ouaga will not result in the same beer. The levels of magnesium, calcium, iron, and the PH level is different all over the world. Some people do even treat their water with extra minerals, but so far we dont do it.

The bottles we use are cleaned and washed with soap then washed again with filtered water. The third step is to make sure no bacterias are left to destroy the beer so we use Star-san, a chemical popular among home brewers that kills all bacterias. Then just to be sure; we also put the bottles in the owen with 110 degrees celcius for about 30 minutes.

Unique ingredients

Sorghum exist in many forms and we are using both white and red sorghum which is grown all over Burkina Faso. We are making beers with both sorghum and imported malt.

IMG_1953.JPGThree different varieties of Sorghum and the traditional milling table where sorghum is grinded with stones for the famous Dolo (the local “beer”).


The sorghum we use comes from Yamtenga which is a village just outside Ouagadougou. We follow the sorghum from the field to the dry storage and then to this shop where it´s sold.

The sorghum is stored for the first months in this small hut, then sold at the shop later on. Then we prepare it for the beer. First we steep it in water to let it germinate until you see one centimeter shoots after a few days. Then the germinated sorghum is dried in a owen for about 20 hours. Then roasted about 40-60 minutes in the owen. The roasting is giving the certain flavour and color to the sorghum malt. We are inspired by the dolo makers but has taken the dolo process a step further.

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